Bozburun is a secluded seaside town, opposite the Greek island of Symi, 50 km from Marmaris.

The town’s name is derived from its surroundings of gray mountains (‘Boz’ means gray) and the way the land points into the sea, like a nose (‘burun’ means nose).

Bozburun has managed to maintain its quiet atmosphere and locals continue with the traditions of fishing, sponge diving, bee keeping and boat building. In fact the town is famous for constructing traditional Turkish gulets, many of which are used to sail the Turkish peninsulas.

Bozburun boasts some of the best coastline in this region. Its breezes attract many yachtsmen, and its clear waters attract divers who enjoy the unspoilt views of sea sponges, corals and sea life. Daily boat tours also take advantage of these conditions allowing you to explore the surrounding coves and islands.

There is not much of historical value to see in Bozburun. However, city wall and tomb remains, remnants of the Larymna settlement, can be seen on Asar Hill. As the town is small there are limited facilities.These include motels, pensions and restaurants, all of which are of a good standard. Therefore, Bozburun is an ideal retreat for those who wish to get away from it all.

You can reach Bozburun via flight into Dalaman airport (105 km) or Milas Bodrum airport (125 km). National bus services link most of Turkey to Bozburun via Marmaris bus terminal, 50 km away. Car rental services are available for those who like to travel independently.


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